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New Release!!! Wireless Multi Channel Door Phone systems ISM1600DP:
We introducing ISM Band which is world open band wireless Intercom system. You can dial and communicate between all extensions up to 1000 intercoms. Each of the intercoms have one, two or three digits number like 1,23,- – 999. You can easily use as normal telephone. For using lift hand set, hear the dial tone and dial required intercom number, then dialed intercom will ring and also you can hear the ring back tone, when the person lift the hand set, you can communicate each other. This wireless intercoms using Encrypted Automatic Frequency Hopping Technology. So that they have super Anti-Jamming capability and nobody can’t tap your communication. And also you can communicate up to 250 person at a time without cross taking or mingling. Range up to 300M without any cabling in open area. It will work up to 100 floor apartment with external antenna. We have also 1000M range model on request. Battery backup facility also available on request.
Price for Indoor Phone USD 68.00 / Rs3350.00 Outdoor phone USD75.00 / Rs3500.00  Manual Download
If you don’t want communicate between house (slave phone) Price USD 40.00 / Rs2000.00 Buy NowPhoneBgDoorphoneMAnd Also we have Power line Carrier based wireless Intercom system as belowApartment Wireless Doorbell intercom Phone systems up to 1000 stations N62DP :
You can communicate between the Gate and house/Villa without any wiring. The main attraction of the multi Channel door phone system is that, you can use up to 1000 number of flats/houses or villas with one gate doorphone. You can dial 1/2/3 digits number from the Gate/Door unit and can communicate. For to make a call from the houses to the door station, just lift the handset. As the house phone have no inter-dialing facility, it is not possible to communicate between the house. You can also Lock/Unlock the main door/gate from each house/flats by pressing the button on the house phone (if equipped) Range up to 2KM. (only in rural area on same phase) If you are in different phase, you can use our earth wire intercom system. or single core wire wired intercom systems. And you can also plug the intercom to Dual phase 220VAC for avoiding phase problem in 110V region
Features: ■ Water proof touch key button ■ Aluminum front panel ■ Expandable up to 1000 House phone ■ phone Works via 90~250V AC power line (Power line communication) ■ Ding Dong calling bell ■ FM technology, Wireless Doorbell Door Entry Intercom ■ Different channel and Different security code ■ Both way communication ■ Light weight hand set ■ No mechanical switch (hook switch) ■ Simple operation ■ Easy Installation ■ Wall – mountable

Price for Gate unit (Outdoor) Rs 2500.00, US$64.00. for each house phone (Indoor) Rs1050.00, US$26.00 Buy Now
Ideal for : Multistory Building, Apartments, Multistory house, Lodges, Hospitals, Villas, Factories, etc.
Connection Diagram for ONE core wire model Door phone System
User Manual Download

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