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Communication data signals between the phones are passing through earth/ground and neutral wire which is common to all building or different building. This model intercom system required ground/earth connection for working. You can use the same building earth wire for this model intercom. since we are using earth and neutral wire for exchanging data between the phones, It will provide digital clarity conversation even if in different phase line and different circuits. All models like Hot line intercom, Master Salve Intercom, Door phone systems, Multi-line intercom are available in earth wire intercom systems.PhoneEarthm
Installation of earth wire intercom model: Insert the three pin AC power cord in to the 90~250-volt AC outlets. Now the system is ready for communication. You can use this model even if in different phase line under one power distribution transformer.LIMITATION : If power supply neutral wire grounded in your building, intercom not work to out side of the building or in between building. Connection Diagram of Earth Line  model  and  Connection diagram of single core wired model, Connection Diagram  of DC TWO core wired intercomIdeal for :
Apartments, housing colony, housing villa, multi-story building, offices, Banks, Factories, work site, etc. Price same as power line models  Place your order

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This fm wireless intercoms are also called Mains power intercom, Door Entry intercom, household power intercom, household electricity circuit intercom, domestic power intercom, wall power intercom, line power intercom, AC power plug-in intercom, hotline wireless interphone or grid power intercom, wireless security intercoms, plug and play intercom, Car intercom system, apt doorbell, vehicle intercom systems available.