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Communication signals between intercoms through 900Mhz wirelessly . No additional wiring required. Just connect battery supply to the intercoms. Then installation is over. You can connect 2 or more intercom with in the same vehicle because it is using  900Mhz or 2.4Ghz wireless intercom technology. This intercom suitable with in your Car,  Bus, Boat, Ship, Cruiser and also you can use as Ambulance Intercom System etc..
Installation: Installation is very simple. Just connect intercom in the vehicle DC supply wiring system, installation is over.
. PhoneHLmPhoneHLN60VXm
■ 900Mhz or 2.4Ghz Operation ■ DC model Works on 12 DC to 24V DC (90~230 optional) ■ FM technology ■ Different channel and Different security code ■Full duplex communication ■ Original ring back tone ■ Loud and pleasant telephone type ringing ■ Both party ring cut off system ■ Light weight hand set ■ No mechanical switch (hook switch) ■ Simple operation ■ Easy Installation ■ Wall – mountable Price: Rs-3000.00, US$62.00 (per pair) Place your order

Hand free Model N60VX (push to Talk) Price Rs3750.00, US$70.00.(pair) 


900Mhz model Multi user ISM1600H4 price Rs3850/- US$70 per phone

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This fm wireless intercoms are also called Mains power intercom, Door Entry intercom, household power intercom, household electricity circuit intercom, domestic power intercom, wall power intercom, line power intercom, AC power plug-in intercom, hotline wireless interphone or grid power intercom, wireless security intercoms, plug and play intercom, Car intercom system, apt doorbell, vehicle intercom systems available.